Frucht Zauber


INFO / Visual identity for a new swiss company that produces jams, sauces and syrups from fruits and flowers grown following high quality criteria.

Studio di Logopedia / Corporate Identity


INFO / Problems with language, reading or writing? A corporate identity for a medical studio specialized in speech therapy. Leaflet, visit card, letterhead.

Miscela di caffè in grani / Brand Identity


INFO / Visual identity restyling of a coffee brand that operates as an interconnecting partner between different italian organic coffee producers.
The new logo wants to highlight the company mission to export Italian products all over the world underlining their exquisite Mediterranean origin and the attention for the organic farming. / Logotype, packaging, business cards, sheet + envelops.

Air Purifiers / Brand Identity


INFO / Project developed in collaboration with Francesca Arena and NARAI Studio / Visual identity for a chinese manufacturer of air purifiers.
Brand benchmarking and trend analysis, logotype, pay-off, lettering, pictogram, brandbook, stationary (visit cards, envelopes, letterhead), packaging.

Moleskine | Le Petit Prince diaries 2014


INFO / Moleskine 2014 limited edition of Petit Prince notebooks. Customized cover that reproduces written pages from the Petit Prince story. Design of 2 attached themed cardboard bookmarks. / Cover More..

O T T O T U B I / Exhibition of unique bicycle frames


INFO / Graphic activity for “OTTOTUBI”, an exhibition helded at “La casa dell’accoglienza del comune di Milano di viale ortles 69″ during the Milan design week 2013. Eight italian skilled craftsmen were asked to transform eight simple steel pipes in the heart of an unique bicycle frame / Logotype, exhibition catalog, exhibition banners. More..



INFO / Personal business cards. Textures processed from some handmade prints.  / Business cards.

Giornata Nazionale Lotta alla Trombosi – ALT Onlus

INFO / Visual communication for the 2nd National Day for the Thrombosis prevention 2013, promoted by ALT Onlus. / Logotype, Posters.

Moleskine | Bon Marchè 160 ans

INFO / Moleskine twin notebooks limited edition designed for the 160th anniversary of Bon Marché, Paris. The cover artwork is inspired by an historical poster of the Parisian department store, adapted and simplified. / Cover, packaging.

100% Biologico / Food Labels

INFO / Label layout of 100% organic products, project developed for farm cooperatives: three honey qualities and an hazelnut cream.

OSD / Veterinary ambulatory

INFO / Design of the new logo for a young veterinary associates ambulatory / Logotype, Business cards.

Bicicapace / Brand identity

INFO / Visual identity and comunication consulting for the new italian cargo bike brand development / Logotype, identity, promocards, business cards, website.

Bijoux Capace

INFO / Bijoux Capace: small bicycle components become a brand new jewelry line / Poster.

Craft ink recipe

INFO / The Impressive Vostok Kitchen, Ricette a stampa. / 121+ Libreria a Tempo

Cascina Gaggioli / Leaflet

INFO / A leaflet to discover the main activities of the farm and the services available to visitors and customers / A4 folding leaflet.

Information visualization method for constumers

INFOProject developed while working at HABITS Studio / An infographics project developed to make the clients clearly understand the relationships among the numerous data in their portfolio / Data sheets layout.


INFO / Uwase is an association that promotes spontaneous actions of social solidarity.
The dandelion is meant to represent the action of these spontaneous gestures of solidarity / Logotype, promocard.

Gis&mapping software / Icon set

INFO / Restyling of the digital interface for the gis&mapping software / Icon set.

Moleskine / Maison&Object ’11

INFO / Visual layout for the Moleskine fair stand at the Maison&Object, 12th-18th September, Paris. / Virtual guided tour for the visitors through the Moleskine three collections – writing, reading, travelling / Graphic for information display panels, exposition tables, walls and floor.


HABIT(S) Studio / Data presentation

INFOProject developed while working at HABITS Studio / Graphs for the digital and print presentation of the studio to clients. Displaying the activities data of the design studio.

Interface for home automation touch screens

INFOProject developed while working at HABITS Studio / Digital interface for a new home automation control software. The cube that breaks down around the character is a metaphor for the home automation system that organizes functions and energy of living space, it’s the element of the narrative and iconic identity of the domotic company / Software interface, icon set, flash animation.

Home automation / Brand identity

INFOProject developed while working at HABITS Studio / Visual identity for a new architecture home automation italian company / Study of the logo, catalogs, promocards, invitation cards, business cards, paperblanks, user instructions, packaging, website, flash animation, shooting.

Usb agenda prototypes

INFO / Project developed while working at HABITS Studio / 4 gigabytes, 200 sheets. Concept, prototyping and graphic applications of a leather notebook with a lace closure with integrated USB.

Restaurant Brand identity

INFOProject developed while working at HABITS Studio / Visual identity and comunication consulting for a new restaurant opening, near Piacenza. The word “bissascudlera” is a dialect expression for the turtle: the “snail with the shield” / Logotype, paperblanks, business cards, menu, take away packaging, shooting for the comunication.

Building administration software

INFO / Project developed while working at HABITS Studio / Graphic layout of a software for buildings administration that manages the complexity of accesses for buildings, floors, entries, doors, rights, parkings, and tertiary sector / Icon sets, digital interface layout.

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